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    Asitena Pa Ma Arefi – Good Living

    Asitena Pa Ma Arefi — “Good living breeds forgetfulness”. This husband and wife are symbols of growing old together and enjoying life. The adinkra symbol for “Hope” is fashioned from glass beads on both their chests between rows of cowry shells. The husband smokes a pipe, the wife is all smiles.
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    Ɛɛfɛ Sɛ Wobɛte W’anim

    Ɛɛfɛ sɛ wobɛte w’anim — “It’s nice to be nice”. This piece is unique, unlike any we’ve seen. The name, a common phrase in Twi, expresses how it feels to be a young woman at puberty. Carved from Ebony wood, she is a lovely addition to any room.

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    Gye Nyame Beaded Wall Hanging

    Gye Nyame – this symbol is arguably the most popular Adinkra symbol from Ghana – it means “except for God” and expresses the deep faith the Akans have in the Supreme Being. This wall hanging is carved from Red Wood and fashions the symbol out of glass beads from Krobo, Ghana. 

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    Jumbo Antique Afro Pick from Redwood – 1955

    These hair combs are precolonial Ghanaian designs. They are carved from wood rehabilitated from before Ghana gained its independence in 1957. They can either be used, or displayed in accompanying wooden stands. These two combs are sold separately, please indicate which you’d like at point of purchase.
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    Village of Hope Coasters

    When we saw these, grabbing them was a no brainier. Ebony wood from the Volta Region of Ghana and stunning craftsmanship. This coaster set is a great conversation piece. The story goes – Good company flocks to wherever the Villages of Hope are.