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Where I’m from, in the U.S, our homes are mostly filled with things that are massed produced in factories then dispersed to the Walmarts & Ikeas of the country. Which is fine. Something was starkly different about the homes when I visited Ghana, West Africa though. There was a story behind the dinner table, the carpet – sometimes it even expanded to “My wife and I built this house together from the ground up.” I was inspired as I frequented the art centers and encountered breathtaking pieces that artists put their minds, souls and hearts into. The variety was there, the ingenuity was there, and most of all – the talent was there. Frankly, I was more so just astonished that these were everyday people – how could everyday people be so gifted? I saw men carving stunning images into wood in a manner of minutes, with a cigarette dangling from their mouth while having a conversation with the next person. Readily I was informed that some had been trained from as young as six to be Masters of their respective craft.

“…which caused me to wonder, my own purpose on so many days as humble as the spider’s, what is beautiful that I make? What is elegant?What feeds the world?”
 ― Louise Erdrich
Our answer: We can share. Exporting Ghanaian culture to the world through craftsmanship is what inspires us. As a family, we are in a unique position to do this: Caira is on the ground in Ghana for two years now learning the languages, people and seeing opportunities up close. She is regarded as an American – foreigner enough to be respected, and yet African-American – descendant enough to be accepted and really work closely with local artisans. Craig and Cameron are on the ground in Cleveland Ohio, setting up shop, receiving packages and spreading the word.

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